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Creation is the magic of turning nothing into something. When I create, I contemplate and exist. And when I contemplate and exist, the world happens.

I work with ink, pencils, acrylic, watercolors, digital painting, and various digital and manual techniques, using different formats from sketchbooks, paper, canvas, wood, and various objects to wall murals, often incorporating text and writing.

For many years, I delved into myself and my inner worlds, using abstract and figurative imagery of landscapes, figures, and stories. After becoming a mother, I deepened my exploration of motherhood and my individual femininity, continuing to frame enigmatic narrative pieces that hint at something beyond. But in recent years, I find myself aspiring to connect and engage with the external world, creating in the public space to better understand the space and the women within it. I discover added value in collaborating with other female creators and artists. Perhaps it's precisely the fact that I have children that forces me to find my place and creativity in society. It's challenging, painful, and exposed, but public creation compels me to see the reality in which I exist with greater clarity. Perhaps, finally, I am born, and I can begin to live.


"Oh Mother!" solo exhibition at the Young Adults Center in Hadera - 2017 Curated by: Lilach Tziproni Series of works "Oh Mother!" mixed media - printing and acrylic on canvas, sewing on fabric, ink on paper.

The birth of a woman. A series of works that express the cyclical nature of the relationship between a woman and her womb. The womb as an expression of a space for contemplation and creation out of nothing. Contemplation on the creator as a bridge between worlds - like a singular leap from "nothing to something.

Oh Mother in gallery
await illustration

"Await" ink on paper, 21x30 cm, 2016, (Illustration from the series 'Oh Mother!')

seeping illustraion

"Seeping" ink on paper, 21x30 cm, 2016, (Illustration from the series 'Oh Mother!')

Providence illustration

״Providence״, ink on paper, 21x30 cm, 2016, (Illustration from the series 'Oh Mother!')


Motherhood, mixed media - pencil, printing, acrylic on canvas, 33x45 cm, 2017, (Work from the series 'Oh Mother!')

"אָלֶף עַד תָּו" 


Project 'Aleph to Tav,' ink on cotton paper, 18x26 cm, 2016-2017. Illustrated letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The letters are drawn on a single grid, and the font structure is inspired by 'Frank Ruhl' font. It is revealed through the illustration of the elements/objects that create the letter itself, or what surrounds it. The elements that make up the letter are sometimes related to the letter itself, its sound, and sometimes to its shape.

Project 'Aleph to Tav'





A WALL OF ONE'S OWN - Gazit Neighbourhood in Hadera, Neighborhood Restoration Project 2020

mural "A Wall of One's Own"

"A Wall of One's Own" with the Children of Gazit Neighborhood. Initiated by the Hadera Youth Center, in collaboration with the artists Galit Israeli, Lilach Tziproni, and Hadass Gertman. A conceptual treatment of the neighborhood's public walls involving the community to participate.


mural painter in action
infront of a blank wall

"Woman and Moon Travels", Live Mural Painting during an Art, Performance, and Music Event, Alonit Mall Parking Lot


partial view of mural
partial view of mural
partial view of mural

29X3.9 meters Mural, Acrylic Paints and Mosaic, Hadera Israel 2017

The presence of women in the first two decades in city of Hadera, and throughout the years up to this day, evokes appreciation and inspiration. As artists and women ourselves, we aimed to bring women and their contribution to the public awareness and to create a safe public space for women and girls. We firmly believe that the more women are represented, the stronger the sense of security and protection in the space will become. 

The prevailing tendency is to highlight men and their actions in the historical narrative. Women are pushed out of collective memory, and their actions are forgotten. The project's intention is to tell the story of local heroines, then and now, to empower and inspire women and girls who navigate the space and to enlighten the wider public.

The Hadera art community has chosen 21 women from its inception to the present day. These are remarkable women in their fields, women who have worked or are working for the community and the city, Local Heroines.

partial view of mural with logo


Creative-Active Space (Event): "Pay Attention to the Home," Hadera Youth Center, 2016

mural with kid looking out the window

Mural in the conference hall of youth center

active wall
view of Chalkboard on the wall

Chalkboard on the wall. A wall, painted green-chalkboard, chalk and erasers were placed by the wall, inviting the visitors to write and draw as they please.

colorbool mural
color book wall with colors
kid coloring the color book mural

Active Mural, in the event, participants were invited to paint on an illustration on the wall in black contours (as a coloring book)


The Art Community of Hadera adopted the city market, with the purpose of creating an alternative art space. Through various art events, the Art Community collaborates with local merchants and residents.


Owl and Totem, a painting on the front of a shop in the market, in an art event where artists and local residents participated in various paintings on the walls and storefront. 2017.

Devorah and Haddass on art action in the market
Devorah's art action in the market

"Oh Mother!", an art action at the city market: Hanging posters of illustrations on the  country-wide women's strike on 4.12.2018 as an act of protest against violence towards women. Participating artists were Hadass Gartman, Lilach Tsifroni, and Devorah Nezer Greenberg.



איורים שחור לבן

Devorah Netzer Greenberg, born in 1973, lives and creates in Katsir, Israel. She is an artist and illustrator. Her work involves various techniques and media, encompassing diverse materials on different surfaces, such as paper, wood, walls, and objects. In her artworks, she explores her personal inner world in relation to the imagery of the external world. Her focus is on femininity and motherhood in her works, examining the concepts of home and public space.

Devorah is a member of the art community in Hadera, a community with the goal of creating and making art accessible in the public space of Hadera while supporting and promoting local artists. She initiates and participates in various art projects in collaboration with the community and residents of Hadera.

She exhibited her solo exhibition "Oh Mother!" at the Hadera Youth Center in 2016 and participated in other group exhibitions. Currently, she is spearheading a national project called "Traveling Sketchbooks," which involves the exchange of sketchbooks among artists from various fields throughout the country.

She is the founder of the brand "Costelita Art," which operates in the borderland between illustration, design, and art.

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